Exercise with Social Robots: Companion or Coach?

Proceedings of Workshop on Personal Robots for Exercising and Coaching at the HRI 2018 (HRI2018) - Mar 2018.
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In this paper, we investigate the roles that social robots can take in physical exercise with human partners. In related work, robots or virtual intelligent agents take the role of a coach or instructor whereas in other approaches they are used as motivational aids. These are two “paradigms”, so to speak, within the small but growing area of robots for social exercise. We designed an online questionnaire to test whether the preferred role in which people want to see robots would be the companion or the coach. The questionnaire asks people to imagine working out with a robot with the help of three utilized questionnaires: (1) CART-Q which is used for judging coach-athlete relationships, (2) the mind perception questionnaire and (3) the System Usability Scale (SUS). We present the methodology, some preliminary results as well as our intended future work on personal robots for coaching.


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» Sascha Griffiths
» Tayfun Alpay
» Alexander Sutherland
» Matthias Kerzel
» Manfred Eppe
» Erik Strahl
» Stefan Wermter